The Effects Of Testosterone

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

What Is Testosterone

Do you want to gain more muscle mass and become stronger overall?

Regular exercise and weight lifting is one way of getting it, along with a sensible diet but that’s not 1-male-testosterone-declineall… At every gym around the country you will see men who just seem to get bigger and bigger, and you know that the are not taking or using anything illegal – these guys have optimum testosterone levels..

There are also men who don’t see much progress at all and feel like they constantly hit the wall reaching their limit no matter how much they work out.

The reason for this may be the lack of testosterone. When testosterone levels in the body are lower than normal, it will affect muscle growth, libido and strength – all male health aspects.

Everybody has heard about testosterone, for most it associates with masculinity and with men who look like Greek gods. However, it’s true that any man can benefit from good testosterone levels.

The Effects Of Testosterone

Testosterone is the main male hormone, although found in women in much smaller quantities, it is in a man that it has the most effect.

Testosterone helps the man to develop from childhood through puberty to being a grown man. It TlevelEffectTurekClinicgraph-300x204regulates the development and growth of sexual organs, hair and muscle. Testosterone determines the body shape and frame of a man.

Testosterone levels can even control a mans personality to some extent.

Men with low testosterone levels often have a reduced libido, they are less sexually driven and could have a tendency to gain extra weight. Many don’t feel as masculine as they should.

The Cycle

Testosterone levels start increasing in childhood, from early on, boys seem to have more aggression than girls. During this time, hormone levels get slightly higher.

When boys reach puberty, they start to mature as their testosterone levels increase further. In their 20’s, the level of the male hormone is at its peak.

When the man reaches his 30’s, the levels slowly start dropping again. Some men don’t notice any real changes, but others experience unpleasant effects of lower testosterone.

These small changes don’t cause problems for all men, but when their sex drive starts to decrease and they start gaining weight, they can begin to lose confidence and self esteem.

Lack of testosterone affects more than just that, it also stops muscle growth, had an effect on strength and health in general. Even moods and sleep patterns can change.

muscular-men-4These effects are often noticed by athletes and bodybuilders first, they suddenly realise that despite all their best efforts while training, that the results are not as good, or harder to come by…

This Is Why Natural Testosterone Boosters Are So Effective

Natural testosterone boosting supplements are getting more and more popular. They help to encourage your body to increase testosterone production once again, helping to boost strength and muscle mass, improve recovery and energy levels. Another welcome bonus effect is the increased sex drive that most users enjoy.

Choosing a testosterone booster is not easy, with literally thousands on the market, it can be a minefield, deciding which ones actually work ( many don’t) and out of those, which product will be right for you.

To help make the choice a little easier, we have researched many of the more popular T-Boosting products and from our research have compiled a list of the three that we feel offer most by way of results at the best prices.

Our ratings have been determined after taking into account the following

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