Testosterol 250 By Megabol

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

Testosterol 250 Review

The natural testosterone supplement Testosterol 250 is made by Megabol, a sports supplement manufacturer from Poland.

testosterol-250-300x240It is sold and marketed as a natural testo booster that will ( the makers claim) boost the production of natural testosterone giving users muscle mass and strength gains while also reducing the production of oestrogen.

Testosterol 250 is among some of the most affordable testosterone supplements available, maybe it is because it is Polish made and production costs as well as labour are much less expensive there.

The Formula

Testosterol 250 was created around an ingredient mix that consists of plant extracts. Here are the ingredients:

  • Rosae Extract – 32 mg
  • Plant Sterols – 250 mg
  • Pruni Cum Inulini Extract – 31 mg

How To Take

Take 1 capsule three times per day with each main meal.

User Reviews

There is not too many reviews available… those that we managed to find say that the product is rather weak and simply doesn’t work.

Also, since the instructions inside and on the box are in Polish, it may be very hard to understand unless you speak the language

Are There Guarantees

This product doesn’t have any guarantees whatsoever.

Where To Buy Testosterol 250

It is available from Amazon, Ebay and other similar sources. Prices for 10 days supply (30 capsules) are very cheap at around £5 ($10).

Our Opinion

This product is weak, untested and totally ineffective, we strongly suggest you save your money (although it is cheap) and spend it elsewhere.

If you want to seriously increase your strength and build good lean muscle mass, check out our top 3 testosterone supplements page instead. All these products contain only the best ingredients that have proven results.

Our number one product also comes with an impressive 90 day money back guarantee – quite unique in the testosterone supplement industry.

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