Testo Extreme Anabolic Review

Testo Extreme Anabolic Review

The Liquid Touch: Testo Extreme Anabo

Boldly claiming to be the strongest legal testosterone T booster on the market, Testo Extreme Anabolic is a unique liquid-based supplement formulated with scientifically proven, T boosting ingredients.

What’s on offer? Well improved athletic performance to begin with, as well as the power to build new lean muscle mass and gain the physique you’ve been looking for.

But there’s not that much information on this supplement out there… we’ve been on the hunt – here’s what we found…

Testo Extreme Anabolic’s Formula

While we don’t know much about the quantities of ingredients in this formula, we do know the principal ingredients:

Damiana leaf – a potent aphrodisiac and energy booster.

Tribulus terrestris – powers both sex drive and libido.

Glucosamine sulfate – promotes fluid in the joints to aid easy movement.

N-acetyl-L-carnitine hydrochloride – this vital amino acid raises energy levels, while carnitine moves fatty acids towards oxidation for energy, burning fat and boosting energy.

Saw palmetto extract – a natural compound commonly used as an alternative remedy to decrease the symptoms of prostrate cancer.

Phenylethylamine – this influences happy hormones like dopamine and serotonin for better moods.

L-arginine – this assists with blood flow and the production of growth homone.

Avena sativa extract – this increases luteinzing hormones in the body, which ups free testosterone levels.

Methylsulfonylmethane – this helps the liver detoxify blood, supporting healthy T levels.

Ginseng root extract – proven to aid erectile dysfunction.

Caffeine anhydrous – a powerful stimulant, caffeine helps raise energy levels and greatly increases metabolism to assist fat burning.

Guarana – this caffeinated herb raises both energy levels and the metabolism.

Green tea extract – possesses caffeine, which raises both energy levels and the metabolism. Catechins also help release norephiphrine, a fat burning hormone that creates a thermogenic process.

Directions For Use

There are clear details on this front, which is always a good sign.

Note that this product comes with a syringe, and should be administered by squirting the formula under the tongue.

On non-training days, take 1ml of Extreme Anabolic upon wakening, always on an empty stomach. On training days, take 1ml 15 minutes before working out.

If desired, you can double your training day dose to 2ml, taking one dose in the morning on an empty stomach and the other 15 minutes prior to your workout.

User Feedback

Real-life third party testimonials seem to indicate plenty of both pros and cons here – although we should mention that there are considerably more happy users than dissatisfied ones.

Satisfied users say that using Testo Extreme Anabolic has helped them support greater workout capacity, enabling them to become more toned and build up lean muscle mass. Increased strength and muscle density are both reported, as is improved recovery and higher energy levels.

There are a fair amount of users, however, that brand this product ‘a scam’, ‘a complete waste of money’, ‘a placebo’ and ‘the biggest lie ever’. Looks like the jury’s out!

Oh, and it’s also worth mention that the method of administering this supplement might put people off.

sample reviews courtesy of amazon

Reported Side Effects

One user reports feeling ‘unwell’ and experiencing palpitations when taking this supplement.

Where To Buy Testo Extreme Anabolic

From what we can see you can only buy this product at Amazon. Here it costs £34.49 for a one-month supply.

Cashback Guarantee

Unfortunately it’s a case of ‘like it or lump it’ with this one – there’s no guarantee on offer if this supplement doesn’t float your boat.

Our Thoughts

The sad fact is that there is very few testosterone boosting compounds in the mix… its simply packed with a mix of stimulants that might give you an energy boost that could make you feel like something is happening… anybody with an intolerance to stimulants should ideally avoid..

As an energy booster – if you can tolerate it, you might feel some very short term effects.. as a testosterone boosting, muscle enhancer its unlikely to offer any effects or benefits…It might also help a flagging sed rive if you have problems in that department..

All in All – Hard To Recommend

Instead why not check out our list of proven, top rated testosterone boosters, these products really do deliver the goods!

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