T-Bomb Review

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

T-Bomb Review: Get The Facts

On the market for a testosterone booster? If so, you aren’t alone. This is one of the top products that those who want more lean muscle mass seek out because simply put, the more testosterone you have, the faster you will be building muscle. This hormone is extremely powerful so anything you can do to effectively increase it – in a safe manner – will work to your advantage.

mhp-t-bomb-ii-300x300But, as you seek out a testosterone boosting product, you need to do some research about each product to decide whether it’s all that it’s cracked up to be.

One product you may come across is T-Bomb, so let’s give you some information on what it has to offer.

The Stated Benefit

The first big stated benefit of T-bomb is testosterone increase. This is the main priority of the product – to increase your testosterone levels so that you can see faster muscle building taking place.

In addition to that however, this product is also designed to help reduce the level of estrogen in your system, which would counteract the testosterone present.

You’ll also get an increased rate of fat oxidation while using this product, so may help to increase your overall body composition while using it. This is something that many other testosterone boosters don’t provide as they are more just focused on helping you gain muscle mass tissue.

Finally, the product can help to support a healthy libido level due to the increase in testosterone that you see.

The Ingredients In T-Bomb

The basic ingredients are listed in this product, however unfortunately you are not told their exact dosages, which makes it very hard to know for certain what you are really getting.

You are taking in zinc, magnesium, and copper while using this product, but beyond that, all you know is that you are taking in blends of various herbs.

Some of these herbs are proven to help elevate testosterone levels, however it is impossible to say whether the dosage that is provided in this product is really going to give you the benefits that you need.


  • Can help to increase total testosterone concentration in the body
  • May help with fat burning
  • Can improve strength when testosterone is increased
  • Does not need to be cycled over time

Cons: mhptbomb2-300x252

  • Hard to determine the precise effectiveness of the product since total dosing information is not provided
  • This product does not contain vitamin B6, which is usually paired with zinc and magnesium and has been proven to be very effective
  • You may will not see a strong of a performance enhancement with this product as you would with other products on the market

The Verdict 

All in all, this product can definitely help you take your progress further if you are working hard in the gym but it’s not without leaving questions….

Given the fact the manufacturer is not willing to tell you how much of each ingredient is contained in the product, this should ( and no doubt will) raise some suspicions in your mind.

Don’t guess with your supplements. You always want to feel completely sure of anything you are putting into your body and with T-Bomb, you just don’t know. 

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