Magnum Tonic Review

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

Magnum Tonic Review – What To Know

If you are on the market for a testosterone boosting product, it’s important that you consider all your options are there are plenty available. If you aren’t doing some research before you make a decision, you may end up with a product that is not designed to effectively help you reach the goals that you have set for yourself.

Unknown-2Let’s go over some key facts to know about one particular testosterone booster that you may come across, Magnum Tonic. 

The Premise Of This Product 

The idea behind this product is that it uses all natural substances to help increase your free testosterone levels, all without causing any disruption in the natural testosterone production taking place in your body.

Some testosterone boosters will impact the ability of your body to generate its own testosterone, so this benefit is quite important. The last thing you want to have happen is to come off a testosterone booster only to discover that you are unable to actually produce testosterone on your own and now lose all the gains that you had experienced.

This product also claims to help speed up your recovery time as well and may increase your strength levels in the gym if a proper training protocol is in place.

The Ingredient Line-Up 

The product is made from a combination of four different herbs including Tribulus Terrestris, along with Oatstraw extract, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, and Chaste Tree Berry Extract, otherwise known as vitex.

One serious drawback however is that the brand does not list how much of each of these ingredients is in the product itself, with the exception of tribulus, where you know you will be taking in 500 mg.

For this reason, it’s hard to compare it to others to see just how effective it will be and assess any side effect risks that may be in place for yourself.


Product claims to contain a very high quantity of Vitex berry – higher than other products you imagesmay see on the market, however the specific amount is not mentioned

Will help to enhance the strength level you show during your workout session

Users have reported that it can help to boost the libido level and improve sexual performance

Can improve blood flow and therefore give you better muscle pumps during your workout session


Specific herb quantities are not listed on the product so you may in fact be getting a relatively low dosage level

This product doesn’t contain any real support aids, so your performance may not increase depending on individual factors

Some people have reported seeing no difference after using this product

The product must be taken on an empty stomach in order to avoid stomach upset, but yet it states that the best results will be seen when used on an empty stomach, so to really see benefits,

you may need to put up with feelings of nausea and gastro-intestinal pain 

Our Verdict

All in all, while this product is natural, it contains a relatively simple line-up of ingredients that doesn’t contain many proven muscle boosters. the inclusion of tribulus terrestris should provide a boost to sex drive… Ideally You should seek out a product that contains the proven testosterone boosting combination of zinc, magnesium, and vitamin B6 along with key ingredients like d-aspartic acid and Vitamin D that will help to support naturally high free testosterone levels as well.

May suit novices trying their first Testosterone booster, but most experienced users will find Magnum Tonic lacking on many levels

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