Foods That Boost Testosterone

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Poor Diet = Excess Weight = Reduced Testosterone

testosterone-deficiencyRecent studies carried out in Europe have highlighted the fact that the foods in our diet have a direct effect on our natural testosterone production… A direct and positive link was found that confirmed the relationship between cholesterol levels, blood pressure and body fat to testosterone production.

For athletes or body builders, the effects can be far reaching with sufferers experiencing reduced muscle growth, poor strength and extended recovery times. Generally the muscle definition is reduced and body fat often accumulates.

By eating the correct foods, you can naturally encourage the increased production of testosterone, which as a direct result can help increase strength, muscle tone and provide a noticeable boost to sex drive.

Testosterone Boosting Foods

Garlic – contains allicin, a natural compound known to reduce levels of cortisol, this is known to reduce testosterone production

tBeans And Pulses – a brilliant source of zinc; protein and fibre. these help to reduce levels of unwanted harmful fats, boost energy levels and ultimately increase testosterone levels

Dairy And Eggs – most dairy products are not really suited to testosterone production, the majority tend to encourage oestrogen production. a couple of exceptions are cottage cheese and egg whites…. the egg yolks themselves tend to increase cholesterol levels but egg whites are a must have in any bodybuilders diet very high in protein, liquid egg whites are available to buy in pre packed cartons which save the inconvenience of separating the yolks.

Meats And Fish – most meats are an excellent source of protein, and all other nutrients essential for boosting testosterone. Chicken, Duck, Turkey, Pork,. Lamb and Beef area all excellent sources, beef itself is very high in Zinc – crucial to testosterone production.

Oily fish ( salmon, mackerel, herrings etc) are also great for those seeking improved testosterone, one of the most effective sources are Oysters – these have up to 10x more zinc than the finest lean beef.

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Eating the right diet will go a along way to boost your natural testosterone production, that said, you can take your results to the next level by busing a natural testosterone boosting supplement.

A good booster will provide all the nutrients essential for maximum testosterone production without risking the effects of steroid based treatments.

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