Are Anabolic Steroids Safe

(Last Updated On: May 21, 2018)

Is It Safe To Take Anabolic Steroids

 They Do Work, But Is It Worth The Risk?

Nobody doubts that steroids is a way to build big muscles fast. The whole industry of bodybuilding is really about who has the strongest and biggest muscles. Most mainstream bodybuilding competitions with the huge cash prizes up for grabs are almost always won by the guy ( or girl) with the biggest muscles.

Steroid-2-300x199Sure, there are also some competitions for natural bodybuilders, but unfortunately the prizes here are a lot smaller.

Steroids can make a huge and fast difference to muscle bulk and strength plus they act fast. Usually steroids are administered as daily injections.

Should I Use Steroids

Those who take steroids will probably tell you that it’s safe to take them if the doses are correct… These people believe that no harm will come of this and that the good results that steroids provide justify their use.


These Are The True Facts

Steroids are never good for you, even after only 2 months use, the following irreversible health problems regularly occur:


  • Liver And Kidney Damage
  • Eyesight Problems
  • Heart Problems
  • Gyneacomastia (aka Man Boobs or ‘Bitch Tits)
  • Shrunken Genitals
  • Hairloss

Female bodybuilders who use anabolic steroids face even more risks, they can experience the same kind of problems as men, and then some that are only distinct in women:

  • Voice gets deeper
  • Facial hair starts growing
  • Breasts lose tone and size
  • Sometimes a woman’s clitoris starts to grow and look like a tiny penis – there have been some reports of women seeing their clitoris grow to as much as 1.5 inches.

Is There A Solution

The answer is simple – Stay Away From Steroids!!! They can really harm you.

If anybody tells you otherwise, he/she either doesn’t know the risks or is blindly ignoring them.

Use Natural Testosterone Boosters Instead

taking-testosterone-booster-300x228Fortunately, many body builders are now turning to testosterone boosters that are both natural and that can help them get stronger and bigger muscles without the risks that anabolic steroids pose. They may take a little bot longer, but the results will look more natural and the health benefits are far reaching.

Hundreds of supplements have been created, some of which work and many don’t . We have spent a while reviewing many of the common testosterone boosters available today. From our reviews and research have complied a list of what we feel are the best three products available today.

We based our ratings on the following strict criteria:

  • Formula
  • User Reviews
  • Customer Service and Guarantees
  • Price

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