Animal Test Review

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

Animal Test Review

Universal Nutrition is among the most popular and reputable sports supplement manufacturers, they are responsible for developing and releasing a natural test booster called Animal Test into the market.

The Formula Found In Animal Test

Universal-Animal-Test-1Universal Nutrition Animal Test comes from a proven background, when formulating this  supplement they have taken every possible ingredient with known testosterone boosting ability and added it into their formula. Check out the label below.

There are several common compounds in the mix, but there is also one ingredient that stands out – Arachidonic acid. We haven’t seen this component in any other testosterone booster we have researched. It is believed to be good for hardened body builders who can benefit from its ability to improve androgen receptors and provide hypertrophy and muscle inflammation increases.

The essential fatty acid Arachidonic acid helps to boost muscle growth.

However, since Arachidonic acid is very expensive, it makes Animal Test supplement one of the priciest test boosters on the market.

How To Take

Its recommended to take it only once per day with food (if possible with the last meal before working out).

Keep taking for 42 days, then rest for 28 days and repeat.

User Reviews

The feedback is impressive with most reviews reporting excellent results.animal-test-ingredients-1

There is still something that users don’t like, it’s the fact that there is supply for just half the cycle in a pack. This makes using this supplement extremely expensive, especially if you want to use it long term.

Are There Side Effects

Oddly enough, some users have experienced a drop in their sex drive. There is another concern that surrounds one particular ingredient – Yohimbe Bark that is included in the formula.

It is banned in several countries for proven and documented health problems it causes, that is a concern…..

Are There Guarantees

Despite its high price point, the manufacturer still doesn’t offer any guarantees.

Where To Buy Animal Test

The product is available online from many sources. Expect to pay up to £60 for just half a months supply

Top 3 Testosterone Boosters

There is no disputing Animal Tests pedigree or the fact that it does work… the high price is an important factor to consider and there is the health concerns surrounding the use of yohimbe bark…

We do believe that there are better products out there that provide better results at far more affordable prices and with cash back guarantees, we have compiled our list of the top three products that we believe offer users everything they need from a testosterone booster

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