USP Test Powder Review

(Last Updated On: January 29, 2014)

Test Powder Review

Test Powder is made by USP labs. It is a natural testosterone booster that comes in a powder form to give a nice alternative to those who can’t take pills or prefer not to.

It’s a sister product to their pill based booster – Pink Magic.

USP-Labs-Test-Powder-300x274Test Powder aims to boost testosterone production and (according to the makers) increase energy levels, give muscle mass and strength together with a spike in libido.

The Formula

Test Powder is based on a proprietary blend powder containing unspecified quantities that make up 4005 mg. Here is what’s included:

  • Aframomum Meleguata
  • L-Carnitine
  • Trimethylglycine
  • Garcinia Magostana
  • D-Aspartic Acid
  • Mucana Pruriens
  • Agmatine Sulfate

How To Take

Take 2 scoops with breakfast, or on days you are working out, half an hour before your workout. Keep taking for 6 days, take one day off and then continue with the cycle.

User Reviews

Most users generally report positive results, many experience some increases in muscle mass and strength. On the down side however, many users  also complain that it has a somewhat sour taste and there isn’t enough powder supplied in the package to last for the whole month..

Any Side Effects?

Besides the unpleasant taste, users also reported stomach upsets with bad wind, loose bowel test-ppwder-ingredientsmovements being commonplace..

Are There Guarantees

There are no guarantees offered on this product

Where To Buy USP Labs Test Powder

The product is available from many suppliers including Amazon. Prices  range from £26.00 to £39.00 for a tub containing 24 days supply (hopefully)

Our Opinion

We have no doubts about Test Powder being able to give good results to some users. Also, since it is a powder it offers an alternative to body builders who either cannot take or prefer not to take pills. The sour taste may become an issue for some users, but it’s those loose bowel problems that make us concerned the most.

It may suit some users, but if you do take it, make sure that you are never too far from a toilet…

Top Three Testosterone Booster?

We would have loved to include a powder based supplement in our top 3, unfortunately the lack of any guarantees and the potential for stomach upsets stops us doing so…

Our top rated products offer well documented results, they use well thought out powerful ingredient profiles and all offer buyers a risk free purchase by way of a cash back guarantee

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